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    Resolution Integration can help you become the person you want to be

We are each responsible for our own health and well being.  Your ability to live successfully is directly related to your beliefs of what is possible for you.

Resolution integration lets you discover and release limiting attitudes and beliefs and integrate those that support you.   With this process you communicate with your own wisdom or inner sense of what is right for you.  Resolution integration lets you navigate the life changes with less struggle and pain and with more strength and clarity of your purpose in life.

Resolution integration helps you to soothe and heal psychological wounds.  Many of these memory wounds are based on inner fears developed during stressful or painful experiences in your life and stored as subconscious memories. 

Resolution Integration is a very special method that can help quickly, gently and painlessly resolve your personal issues such as

  •  relationship and family issues
  •  communication difficulties
  •  financial/career blocks
  •  inner child issues
  •  fears, phobias, anxiety & distrust
  •  addictive patterns
  •  chronic health patterns
After clearing these issues, you can move forward with freedom and awareness, leaving stress and struggle behind.  You learn to move through life changes by resolving negative patterns.

Resolution Integration uses muscle response testing.  By using the muscle response technique*, we can determine whether an issue is caused by a physical, emotional, mental or spiritual issue.  Then we can resolve it at the appropriate level at which it was formed.   

For example if you have a physical ailment that originates at the emotional level, all the physical treatments in the world will not satisfy that physical problem until it is resolved at the emotional level.  With Resolution Integration we can discover what fears, attitudes or beliefs are holding back your progress or healing, and change and replace them with new, more updated and progressive beliefs and feelings.

 *Muscle response testing is application of pressure to a muscle to test if it is locked or unlocked..  Muscle testing accesses your subconscious memories, and signals a message from your brain to the testing muscle.  This process is called Kinesiology and is the study of body mechanics in relationship to human behavior.



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